History of Dodgy Detours

Dodgy Detours began life in Bangkok in 2015. Over the next two years we developed walks that took small groups of people into the back streets of the City of Angels. At the time we focussed on urban art, architecture, markets, and, of course, whatever we came across.

We kept the groups reasonably small so we were able to pass lightly through neighbourhood lanes, temples, markets and all manner of buildings. Oh, and coffee was always involved in some way.

Bangkok walk

Dodgy (your guide) is the bloke in the back row

It was on these walks that we saw some fine urban art ……..

and some great examples of one of our favourite forms of architecture: brutalism.

Dodgy Detours returned to our hometown in late July 2017. We set about designing an initial walk that included both art and architecture and as is always the case it started to develop an internal logic that shaped the outcome. Hope you join us for the new chapter in Dodgy’s development.