Walk 1

Welcome to Walk 1!

This walk is Dodgy’s personal favourite because it is all about Sydney. On this walk we will talk about all manner of things. Bring your curiosity to this one. Here are some highlights:

  • Get up close and personal with six works of one of Sydney’s most famous (and controversial) modernist architects, Harry Seidler (1923 – 2006)
  • Hear the story and see the gentle memorial to those who lost their life in the Ghost Train fire (June 9th, 1979)
  • See the whimsical sculptures of famous Australian cartoon characters along the foreshore of Lavender Bay
  • Take in the view that inspired one of Australia’s most famous artists – Brett Whitely
  • Walk the Bridge for one of the most beautiful harbour views in the solar system
  • See a mighty fine example of Sydney’s brutalist architecture – but be quick, we might be losing it!
  • See a magnificent work of street art by famous Portuguese urban artist VHILS in honour of Jack Mundey (b. 1929)
  • Explore the public art Seidler not only commissioned but from which he drew inspiration
  • See additional street art by Shepard Fairey, Mulga and ELK
  • Explore a lane-way and discover the birdsong that used to be heard in Sydney
  • Revel in the concrete beauty of both the MLC Building and Australia Square


                                                           MLC Building
  • See the beautiful tile work of Lin Utzon (daughter of Jorn)
  • Walk in and around the recently completed EY Building and notice both its homage and challenge to Harry Seidler


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