Walk 2

Welcome to Walk 2!


      We are in Dodgy’s backyard for this one. What street art we see one day might not be there the next so it is an ever-changing streetscape. The walk is all about urban art and we will see works by some of the following:

Mulga, Ladson Pollack, Skulk, Exit, Birdhat, Grizzle, Fintan Magee, Hugue Sineux,

Lotte Alexis, Sophie Odling, Bradley Hawkins, theinfamousdogfight, YT, CRISP, Zap,

Lister, Robson, Scott Marsh, Phibs, Peque, Sid Tapia, SMC3, and Reubszz among others.

      This walk will take us down laneways, between factories, past brothels and boutiques, and along inner-west suburban streets. Not only that, we can visit two different breweries if the mood takes us.

      The walk begins at Marrickville Station and we take a look at some nearby art including the iconic New York style mural on the bridge which is nearly 20 years old.

      From here we head north along Illawarra Road passing the out-of-towners’ favourite small coffee bar/restaurant Cornersmith. Opposite is Titus Jones, a small bar. Lots of street life with people enjoying outdoor eating.

            At Marrickville Road we can go left for a bit then swing back to walk east toward Sydenham on the far side of the road. It’s all here: belly dancing classes, pawn shops, Vietnamese-Australian run shops selling everything from banh mi, seafood, meat and assorted groceries.  Tucked amidst these shops is a long-standing Greek restaurant. Vixens beckons as we head back towards Illawarra Road.

      From Illawarra Road the shops crowd both sides of the road for about 300 metres. Take some time to check out the second hand stores; the quirky bookshop; the music memorabila shop; the yoga studios; the coffee shops, restaurants and if timely, Where’s Nick and Gasoline Pony, two small bars.

      More and more young entrepreneurs are setting up shop along this stretch. The newly established Hypmotive Hub is one example. A kind of retail hybrid enterprise for the artist, crafter, and designer. Plans soon to include a coffee shop / small bar. Note the work by Exit above the shop.

      Once we reach the end of the shops we swing south and walk past factories to a major commissioned work by Skulk. We will head back to Marrickville Road down a back alley where we will see some early work by both Skulk and Birdhat. One piece by an unknown (to me) artist that has been left untouched for over two years is special.

      It’s back across Marrickville Road where we will see a commercial piece by Grizzle and then we head down Victoria Lane. Lots to see along this stretch including a classic collaboration between CRISP and YT. Next we head along Victoria Road where there are some special works by SMC3, Peque and Sid Tapia. We then head east again and make our way to a reclaimed industrial area for some large scale works.



       Along some narrow lanes we emerge again onto Sydenham Road where we can see some large works by Fintan Magee, Zap and Hugue Sineux.

      We will then cross the railway at Sydenham and make our way east again. We will see a couple of pieces before heading south to explore a largely untravelled section of the inner-west. Some interesting wild style works here. Some will disappear shortly due to development. We will also pass another micro-brewery.

      We will zig-zag a bit to get us to Mays Lane, St Peters where you are free to wander and enjoy the impressive array of works including some by artists we have seen on the walk.
















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